Zero-Emission Logistics for Urban Waters

Green distribution on water

Cities around the world are struggling. As they seek to become healthier, more liveable spaces for their citizens they seek to eliminate traffic congestion, but stare down the diffculty of modifying historical city infrastructure and continuing existing last-mile logistics flows.

Portago reimagines city logistics. With our flagship hydrogen fueled cargo boat we will supply cities with their daily needs via existing waterways. Fully scalable and directly competitive with existing intra city logistics, Portago delivers higher cargo volumes completely free from harmful emissions whilst protecting historical inner city infrastructure.

Requiring only a base docking station, there are little to no infrastructure requirements for Portago to operate. Join us in revolutionizing inner city logistics and the transition towards a hydrogen based society.

Innovative design

100% sustainable, fully modular and highly durable.

The Portago cargo boat balances high levels of faring efficiency with simple and swift unloading.

Utilizing a hybrid fuel cell & battery propulsion system provides the vessel with the autonomy that is required for continuous operations. This combined with a 5 minute loading/unloading time leaves the vessel optimally positioned for lightning fast inner city logistics.

Tech-enabled, fully
transparent logistics

Our integrated planning system allows businesses to harness the power or Portago's water based logistics through a simple user interface. Acting as a personal control tower the app allows business customers to view availability, book deliveries and even control the time of the delivery down to the very hour of arrival.

Through a connected SatNav system the app allows Portago vessels to maintain an overview of traffic and waterworks in order to make timely deliveries no matter the circumstances.

We're embarking in Amsterdam

Home one of the world's most dense inner-city waterways Amsterdam has set an ambitious climate agenda, planning to be harmful emission-free by 2030.

The historic city will be fertile ground for Portago to develop, with plans to ban trucks from the inner city and some of the highest historical infrastructure maintenance costs in the world.
We'll be building a hub-and-spoke network for hydrogen fuelled delivery in the iconic Dutch city and targeting servicing many water-rich cities globally.

“We aim to provide last mile distribution to inner cities with affordable and emission free transport without damaging historical inner city road infrastructure.”

Come aboard!

We are revolutionizing inner city logistics and accelerating the transition towards a society fueled by hydrogen. By fundamentally changing how we view inner city logistics Portago will drive the consumption and adoption of hydrogen and provide the logistical back bone for the inner city of tommorow.

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