Maritime logistics revisited

Meet our flagship! Good looking, right? That's all we want people at the waterside to notice. Our cargo boat transports up to 80 standard rolling containers at a max. length of 20 meters, without harmful emissions, hindrance or damage to precious historical infrastructures.

The boat is specifically designed for inner city waterways. A nimble precision vehicle, able to deliver goods to any customer close to the water. A unique embedded lift system makes our loading and offloading even more efficient than road based alternaties.

Our cargo boat is 100% sustainable. Utilizing a hybrid battery/hydrogen fuel cell gives the boat an ample range, zero emissions and a substantially lower displacement when compared to other solely battery powered vessels.

The boat in the picture to the left actually is the smallest iteration of the portago boat. Due to its modular build method the boat can vary in lenght from 11.5 meters to 20 meters. Subsequently increasing payload from 24 to 80 rolling containers.

Capacity advantage

Portago's unique roll on/roll of loading system is tailored to the distribution of roll containers (the world's standard for fast moving goods). Our boat is tailored to inner city logistics, where most cargo is distributed with roll containers.

It's design allows it to unload twice as fast as trucks, and, when compared to cargo boats that must unhoist their cargo with a deck crane, Portago can be as much as 75% faster.

Portago will not stand alone, and will fit into an ecosystem of zero-emission last mile distribution, perfectly complementing its counterparts on land.

Come aboard!

We are revolutionizing inner city logistics and accelerating the transition towards a society fueled by hydrogen. By fundamentally changing how we view inner city logistics Portago will drive the consumption and adoption of hydrogen and provide the logistical back bone for the inner city of tommorow.

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