Hub and spoke

As an independent 3PL provider (Third Party logistics Provider) Portago will focus mainly on the daily distribution of food and non-food supplying the bigger retailers (supermarkets and department stores), horeca ( hotels, restaurants and cafe's) and cultural institutions. looking at Amsterdam's waterways and supermarkets locations, obvious clients are the fast movers. As more than 30% of the supermarkets can be supplied from the water.

One Portago cargo boat can do 7-8 runs a day (14 hrs) with a load of 80 rolling containers or 40 ‘EURO’ pallets. The supply to a typical canal or waterway adjacent supermarket is 120 rolling containers a day. Meaning, one and a half fare per day per supermarket.


Scalable Docking

We have developed a modular design for docking stations, that will be provided to our partners/franchisees as blueprints to build and operate optimized docking infrastructure. These docking stations will be built to service cities large and small, adapting to local demand.

Automation ready

The technology is there, but the regulations haven's caught up yet. Making the Portago cargo boat autonomous will not be very difficult tech wise but on the the other hand it will be relatively costly since we would still need to hire a captain/person to oversee the operations on board by law. And autonomous sailing regulations will not be in place in the very near future.

However, the Portago Cargo boat and its system will be prepare for autonomous sailing with IOT solutions that are readily available. GPS tracking can help us plot the nautical charts and dial in our routes from base to location and vice versa and location to location.

Come aboard!

We are revolutionizing inner city logistics and accelerating the transition towards a society fueled by hydrogen. By fundamentally changing how we view inner city logistics Portago will drive the consumption and adoption of hydrogen and provide the logistical back bone for the inner city of tommorow.

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